Eva Mendes-Cameron Diaz Fart/Belch-Off

My stars, how times change. Go back in history, to the golden days of Tinseltown. Imagine: one morning an article goes out on the newswires, on the topic of Betty Grable’s and Rita Hayworth’s private farting-belching competition, complete with quotes from the original pinup girls, themselves.

Can you imagine?


Sexy FartsHot burps.

Hollywood beauty EVA MENDES once challenged pal CAMERON DIAZ to a farting competition.

The Latina had travelled to Nepal with the Charlie’s Angels star in 2005 to film a segment for Diaz’s MTV documentary series, Trippin’.

And Mendes admits they had little to do while staying at their hotel, so they made up their own form of entertainment.

She recalls, “Cameron is a big old belcher, but I can’t belch.

“One night I had a heavy dinner, so I combated her belching with something I could do. We were in side-by-side beds, so it was her disgusting bodily function versus mine.

“It was an Eva-Cameron fart-belch off.”


Praise it

Flush This

8 responses to “Eva Mendes-Cameron Diaz Fart/Belch-Off

  1. omg, this is really disgusting.

    I like Eva Mendes from some of her films, such as “Hitch”. But this …. 😦

    I don’t like her anymore

  2. someone needs to put a butt plug in eva

  3. Ya, Eva with Cameron will need plug up all body :))

  4. But there is no video of this.

  5. Cameron Diaz a very known idol. She is stunning and very sexy. Her face is pretty and she has the best legs in Hollywood.

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  8. Go Eva…you’re awesome!

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