Material covered on this website: While the authors of this page do not endeavor to take a gratuitous and patently offensive approach to the subject of stench, certain material here may be inappropriate for readers under the age of 13. It is important that children get their parents permission before viewing this page.

Similarly, individuals with sensitive constitutions who may become ill reading about subjects that many consider disgusting should use their good judgement as to whether they should to read this page, or not.

Spam policy: All spam will either be deleted by the Akismet utility, or deleted manually by the editor. Routinely, and consistently. We suggest you spammers get a real job, or engage in more acceptable forms of Internet commerce. We hate you, passionately and without reservation.

E-mail policy: All e-mail addresses acquired in comments or via e-mail will be kept absolutely confidential, and will not be used for any purpose whatsoever. We believe that only rotten, stinking scum-of-the-earth engage in the practice of either selling or spamming acquired e-mails. In fact, if we knew we were in the presence of such a person, we might sit on them and break wind in their face.


The Editor and Staff of Things That Stink

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  1. Hut sut ralston on the rilla-rah, and a so-on-so-on so forth.

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