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“Stinky Cheese Disease”

Stinky people are not coolI’ve decided it might be fun to feature posts, from around WordPress, on the general topic of stench. It’s pertinent and it’s often amusing (or disgusting).

To kick things off, I’d like to highlight a post from Currently Dreaming’s Weblog entitled “Stinky Cheese Disease”–

So, I’m strolling the aisles of the grocery store, like I do every week, minding my own business…when a smell so hideous that my eyes start to water does a full-body slam on me. I look up from my grocery list and see YOU. The Man in the Dirty Overalls. I push my cart at warp speed to get around you, skid around the end display and say a prayer in the fresh air in front of the pickle display.

“Please don’t follow me! Please don’t follow me! Please don’t follow me!”

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You have our sympathy, Currentlydreaming – for while “Things That Stink” documents that which issues from the Crack of the Earth, we do not enjoy the direct experience of stench, especially when its source is the crust covering the body of a chronically stinky person in bib overalls. Not long ago we were at a book sale, and therein was a man with pit odor so rank, so strong, that it would have been impossible to distinguish him from a vat of month old Spaghetti-Os. We were not pleased.

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Daisies: Beautiful Toe-Jam Flowers

And particularly “toe-jammie” is the Shasta Daisy, “Alaska” variety, common in flower gardens the world over. This large and lustrous botanical gem was given to us by the pioneer American horticulturist and botanist, Luther Burbank. Read excerpts from Burbank’s short monograph “The Shasta Daisy: How a Troublesome Weed was Remade into a Beautiful Flower”.

That should be “a beautiful, stinky flower.”

Shasta Daisies, Alaska variety

In all fairness, not every variety of Shasta Daisy reeks. There are some of the “Esther Reed” variety growing in my garden, and they don’t have any fragrance at all.

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The Durian Fruit

Not widely known to Americans, the Durian fruit is a South Asian “delicacy,” which, like so many “gourmet” foods, is either loved or despised. But regardless of whether one likes it or hates it, it seems that all agree its odor is pungent – so pungent, in fact, that in Singapore, signs prohibiting carrying Durian on public transportation are posted–

No Durian

Lord Alfred Russell Wallace wrote, in “On the Bamboo and Durian of Borneo” (1856), that:

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Michelle Obama on Barack: “snore-y and stinky” guy

Tales From the Obama Bedroom

In an interview with Glamour magazine, Michelle Obama reveals that her husband, Barack, is so “snore-y and stinky” when he wakes up in the morning that their daughters won’t crawl into bed with him.The interview, in the magazine’s October issue, was conducted by Tonya Lewis Lee, who is married to Spike Lee, the filmmaker. (source)

Well, imagine that. I thought that just to register to run, your farts have to smell like bakery-fresh cinnamon rolls.

Snorey Stinky Guy - vote for him

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Henry VIII was rotten…

Stinky Hank

…both literally, and figuratively, according to my late Grandmother, who was something of an “expert” on the English monarchies. So rotten, that when a group of men carried his dead body out, three died from the smell alone.

As a long-standing legend, this is delightful – the stuff that fishwives tales are made of. How fitting that this murderous megalomaniac, this bloated, syphlitic adulterer, none too clean to start with (this was in the days when the ostensibly “clean” people took baths once a month) should end up in such a state.

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Man killed roommate because of stinky feet

Roomate Killed over “Stinky Feet”

A Texas man is accused of stabbing his roommate to death because the man complained about his “stinky feet,” local media reports.

The two men rented a small bedroom in a Houston apartment from a married couple with a baby.

The mother and child were sitting outside Saturday evening when the men started drinking in their room, the Houston Chronicle reported Monday.

They started fighting about the man’s “stinky feet” and the woman peered into the room to see one of the men holding a knife in his hands, said Sgt. M. Sosa of the homicide squad.

“By the time she got inside, he was on top of the other man,” he told the paper.

The women fled and called for help, and then the roommate “comes after her and says, ‘I didn’t mean to do it, I didn’t mean to do it,'” Sosa said.

William Antonio Serrano, 22, was charged with murder.

The victim’s identity was not released. He was pronounced dead at the scene with multiple stab wounds.


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Boiled Cabbage

Boiled Cabbage

I wouldn’t even care to guess how many writers have used boiled cabbage as a device to evoke images of poverty and squalor. It’s doubtless an unfair bias, because not only is cabbage extremely nutritious, but it has been eaten equally by rich and poor, the world ’round.

Regardless of that, boiling cabbage does stink. You know it for sure, when someone who writes about a dish of pig intestines he seems to have enjoyed, and in the same paragraph refers to cabbage as “sewage smelling”–

The other notable dish at Founder Bak Kut Teh is the Pig Intestines or “Hoon Terng”. It was the mild with a nice chewy texture. Unfortunately, I do not like cabbage in soup as it adds, to me, a foul smell and taste. Try boiling cabbage in your kitchen, you’ll soon discover a rather distressing smell emanating from it. That’s the smell I do not like at all. To me, the intestines alone would provide a good enough twist to the original broth without the sewage-smelling boiled cabbage. (source)

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Dead Mouse

Eau de deceased rodent

I suppose it’s passé, but if this is to be a compendium of the stinky, we cannot omit the dead mouse. There is scarce an odor on planet Earth like eau de dead rodent. Once you have smelled it, you can neither forget it, nor fail to recognize it when you smell it again.

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Hot Bus Driver’s Trousers, circa 1953

Stinky Guy

New York City, August 1953. 90 degrees, 90% humidity. No A.C. Ill-tempered, 275 lb. bus driver. Is it any wonder that Alice, Trixie and Norton are hanging their heads out the window?

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