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The Blob LIVES

H.P. Lovecraft would turn over in his grave…Grease, flour and rags, eh? That could almost be an around-the-campfire speciality to warm the hearts and bellies of the indigent – sort of like boiled boot, panbread, or hobo coffee.

One thing is quite certain, without even being there in person to acertain it: the blob stinks.

City Battles Giant Blob

LEWISTON, Maine — A large, mysterious blob has taken over a major sewer line in the city of Lewiston, leaving public works crews stumped as to how to budge it.

According to city officials, the stretch of 12-inch pipe on Main Street backed up on Jan. 13, and the city has been trying unsuccessfully to clear the line ever since.

Deputy Public Services Director Kevin Gagne told News 8 the doughy, 90-foot mass is comprised of grease, flour and rags. (source)

The Blob LIVES

A toejam credit to Middle at Fist Of Blog, for the heads up.

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