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From the Alcoholic X-Files: Korean Chinese Mouse Wine

Our intrepid (understatement) reviewer has this to say about Korean Chinese Mice Wine:

Imagine the most bloated display of summertime road kill you’ve ever encountered, and then translate the smell of that dead animal into refreshing liquid form.

Read the article.

Why do people do things like this?

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The Infamous Korean “Dog Poop Girl”

Been looking for this photo for a while, as it deserves a place in this smelly compendium–

Read about the Dog Poop Girl here, if you have by some miracle not encountered the story previously.

Korean Dog Poop Girl

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Contributed: Wholesome versus unwholesome cadavers

Dirtfinger writes:

U.S. Army Field Rations, Type C“When I was going to college in Hawaii, one of my classmates in an art class was a Vietnam vet. He told me that when they’d kill an NVA or Viet Cong soldier it could take up to a day and a half before the body would start to stink because they lived on a healthy diet of fish and rice. The dead body of an American soldier on the other hand–with our shitty diet of fats and processed meats (worse even because they were eating the canned c-ration version)–would usually start stinking after just a few hours in the heat of the jungle.”

“Another thing he told me was that South Korea had men in the field over there as well, and because my friend with his Hawaiian background was used to a similar diet of rice and fish and kim-chee (talk about a fucking stink!) he was always happy when they were paired up alongside a unit of South Koreans and he could trade rations with them.”

“That plus the fact that the South Koreans hardly ever got attacked, as they had a reputation for ferocity when angered that included their furious dismemberment of dead enemy soldiers.”

“Nobody wants their dead body cut into little pieces and smeared on the trees.”

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