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Hell Smell Incarnate: The Stench of the Fiery Pit

Burning pit emits ‘sickening stench’; solution sought

Knoxville, Tennessee–State and local officials will meet today to determine how to attack a burning pit in West Knox County that emits “a sickening stench” and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

The 30-40 foot deep pit at 9025 Tedford Drive has been a sore point for a while and about 3:30 a.m. Dec. 28 forced residents of six nearby homes to evacuate. The evacuation was mandated because of unsafe levels of carbon monoxide accumulating in the homes.

Bruce Wuethrich, director of Knox County public works and engineering, said the pit is filled with demolition wastes, such as brush and tree stumps. The material ignited after emitting enough heat during decomposition, he said….

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