Zapping Tonsil-Stones with Lasers

Tonsil StoneThe consensus among those who endeavor to treat the problem of chronic halitosis is that bread breath can in different cases be attributed to different causes. One that is particularly intractable without medical intervention, however, is the phenomenon of tonsil tones – smelly nodules which form on the tonsils.

I have written about tonsil stones, or tonsilloliths here previously, and those posts remain in the “top ten most-hit” category (post1, post2) up to the present. Therefore, I thought this article timely and pertinent:

A New York doctor pioneers a remedy to zap bad breath with a laser

Sadeta Velovic’s breath stunk.

It was so bad, people moved away from her when she spoke. Her own mother complained about the rotten stench. Even Velovic, herself, could smell the foul odor upon waking in the morning.

“Nobody wanted to be near that smell,” recalls the 40-year-old Ridgewood, Queens, resident, who works in building maintenance. “I felt so bad, but I didn’t know what to do. I kept going to doctors, but they didn’t help…”

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4 responses to “Zapping Tonsil-Stones with Lasers

  1. i had experienced, what seems to be called tonsillolith, for many years. there would be times that i would feel like there was something, like food, lodged at the back of my throat on the sides though. well when i open my mouth i take a mouth utencil and pill aside the skin flap in my throat by my tonsil, to the side and i see a white piece of something. then i pick it out and i am relieved of the irritating feeling. so after 5 minuets of searching on the net for an answer i finally found one. thanks.

  2. Tonsil Stones is truly is a nuisance. The biggest problems is ofcourse is the bad breath that seriously affects one’s social life.Getting rid of tonsil stones is not easy as is something that does not happen over night but with good oral hygiene and healthy eating habits on regular basis. One can be free from tonsil stones.

  3. literally tonsil stones stinks and surprisingly it is very common too.

  4. So it can be the next gen on removing tonsil stones? I don’t think so because this method is still unfamiliar for people including me, but sound interesting..

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