Pig liver soup

My late Dad was off of southern stock, so he was well-acquainted with various foods that northerners tend to shy away from. I’ve always remembered how he once told me, “I don’t care for pig liver. It tastes like pig shit smells.”

I guess there’s no accounting for taste. The author of “Foodie Paradise” states that the Singaporean pig liver soup pictured below – breakfast fare in that part of the world – was “delicious.”

Praise it

Flush This


2 responses to “Pig liver soup

  1. 猪肝 (zhu gan) – Pig Liver sure taste great here in Singapore.

    I grew up on it. 😀


  2. My Mom use to cook us the liver and lights in a stew. But I don’t remember what the lights look like. Can you show me a picture.

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