Virtual Toilet Paper

Back in the early days of the Web, I remember a page that specialized in links to “most pointless webpages.” One such page involved an ongoing chronicle of how the appliances in some guy’s house were functioning.

That page was less pointless than this one:

There is but one function, here – you may roll the toilet paper off the roll (use your mousewheel – it’s faster). Once the roll is gone, a single mouseclick generates a new roll, which you may then also deplete, and so on…

This is what you get when domain names come cheap. Asswipe.

Praise it

Flush This


4 responses to “Virtual Toilet Paper

  1. I sometimes forget to wipe properly and leave skidmarks in my tighty whiteys.
    Love always,
    Keith Leblanc
    Franklin, MA

  2. I have lovely hair, adorable smile and I smell like chicken soup!
    Keith Leblanc
    Franklin, MA

  3. Keith Leblanc Franklin, MA

    Hello is Joe home?
    Who are you?
    We are Art, is Joe home?
    First of all Joe isn’t home
    Secondly, you are NOT ART!!

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