Assholes Stink

Kurt Vonnegut’s venerable asshole, pilfered from the WebMany moons ago, circa AOL 3.0 for Win95, when the Internet was still a blank slate, a mutual friend of my roomie and I told us that he had seen a photograph on the Internet graphically displaying the act of “anallingus.” Misanthrope that I am, I did not scoff, but my roomie (being not yet wise in the ways of the world) denied that such an act was possible let alone popular.

Faced with a challenge, our mutual friend brought this photo for us to view. My roomie was scandalized, whereupon I disclosed my knowledge of a particular couple who claimed to regularly engage in this practice. I mentioned how the male of this couple had said, “It doesn’t taste bad as long as it’s clean…”

My roomie cried out, in an agonized voice, “THAT PART CAN’T BE CLEAN!!!”

Indeed. Assholes stink. Which brings us around, in a very roundabout fashion, to the subject of this post. Go listen to this charming little ditty by “Django and Chris,” the “Crackhead Beatniks,” who hold the distinction of having once been the “hottest thing to hit Laramie, Wyoming, since the Boot Scootin Boogie.” The manner in which it relates to this post will be come clear soon enough.

HU to Thumb at Fist of Blog for introducing me to this delightful post-modern interpretation of the Beat Generation’s coffeehouse craft. Kerouac, Ginsberg, eat your hearts out, whereever you are. Don’t eat anything else out, though.

Praise it

Flush This

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