Musky Matthew McConaughey


Kate Hudson was so put off by her Fool’s Gold co-star Matthew Mcconaughey’s natural odour she begged him to reconsider his no-deodorant stance for love scenes. The movie hunk famously refuses to wear scents – something which his latest co-star found disgusting.

He reveals, “She always brings a salt rock, which is some natural deodorant, and says, ‘Would you please put this on?’ “I just never wore it. No cologne, no deodorant.” McConaughey insists Hudson is his only co-star who has ever complained about his smell, adding that a good diet and regular showers help him stay fresh.

He adds, “I take a few (showers) a day.” (source)

I’m sure you’re a very cleanliness-conscious guy, Matt, but the bit about the good diet is a load of crap. There is no diet which prevents bacteria from proliferating in the vicinity of the armpit. And as for the showers: I’m sure those help for a while, but my guess is that your armpits really do begin to stink under hot lights on the set.

I surmise that no one else complained about your pit odor because 1.) They weren’t outspoken enough to mention that you smell like a locker room 2.) They were so awed by your star status that they overlooked it (but probably whispered about it when your back was turned).

This is planet Earth, and people are people, wherever you go.

You’re completely free to continue avoiding deodorants, Matthew. Just don’t tell us that our noses are deceiving us. You might also consider moving to France, where no one will notice.* Heaven knows, you can probably afford it.

Praise it

Flush This

*Stereotype: It would be completely unrealistic to state that all French people stink, because the sense of smell is so often highly subjective, and soliciting opinions from various individuals who have been to France will get many diverse answers, some diametrically opposite. I think the sterotype may have, in part, arisen from the fact that more women in France let their armpit hair grow than do in America (where braided pit-hair is found chiefly in Food Co-ops and Lilith Fairs). Voila – an American goes to crowded Paris in the summer, and they are likely to encounter more than one woman with smelly pits. Even though they may pass by 1000 who are not offensive, the tendency for humans to over-generalize kicks in, and the myth begins (plus, unshaven armpits on a woman, although natural, are simply shocking to many Americans). Throw in a few smelly French guys, who are doubtless no harder to find than they are here in America, and this further cements the stereotype. Lastly, right-wing Americans (“not I,” said the fly to the spider) have a vested interest in hating the French, since they took an open stance against Dubya’s insane war.

As for the English, well, the two nations have been pissing on each other since the Dark Ages. Neighbors – it’s an old story.

5 responses to “Musky Matthew McConaughey

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  2. Matt can have me any time he wants, B.O. and all! He can even rub my nose in his stinky pits. Nonetheless, I do remember that Helen Hunt also complained of Matt’s odor a number of years ago.

  3. Also not wearing deodorant (and having B.O.) are the following:
    1) Sting (the musician)
    2) Russell Crowe
    3) Brad Pitt
    4) Rupert Everett (who is gay)
    5) Danilo Gallinari (N.Y. Knicks)

    Furthermore, the following have stated that they don’t use deodorant, although I cannot find any reliable account of their having B.O.:
    1) Dan Neal (Palm Beach Post)
    2) Tom Ford (who is gay)
    3) Simon Baker


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