No. 2 in Luxor, Egypt

A restroom in Luxor, Egypt, according to This is another case of not having to be there to know that it probably stinks. Hummus, garlic, cumin…yeah, it’s a-simmerin’ under the relentless desert sun.

Egyptian Poophole

They poop differently ’round the other side of the planet. In fact, the Poop Report (see final link below) says that 2/3 of the people on the planet are squatters, rather than sitters. This may just be a cultural variant on crapping, or I surmise that there may be a practical purpose behind it: I knew a guy from India who told me it was not unknown for a cobra to come up the sewer line, so the activities of various indigenous vermin may have something to do with the whole “stoop-n’-strain” arrangement over yonder.

I know I wouldn’t want to be sitting on the pot when a cobra came up the toilet, looking to “…kill the big man and his wife, and the child…” (re: Kipling’s “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”). In Egypt or India or anywhere else.

The Poop Report has an article on pooping in Egypt from a tourist’s perspective.
Praise it

Flush This


2 responses to “No. 2 in Luxor, Egypt

  1. thats not the flushing mechanism !!
    we use this water tap for cleaning instead of tissue
    we don’t use tissue like you do
    we use water

  2. What about when you need to dig out a tiny grogan that’s gotten hung up in the old winkie?* Seems to me water with a paper adjunct (in the event of a turd caught crosswise) is the best of all possible scenarios.

    (and more Americans use water than you’d guess; you can buy a bidet from virtually any plumping outfitter, and “wet-wipes,” pre-moistened toilet paper squares impregnated with bunghole soothing/toning substances such as Aloe Vera may be purchased in any grocery store, in or in bulk packaging at Costco.)

    *It can get worse than this; I knew a kid who had an impaction, and his dad had to dig it out with a spoon.

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