The Freshening Power of Mint, Part 1

Gee, your feet smell minty fresh!Mint shoes spare Japanese the shame of smelly feet

TOKYO: Worried your feet smell? In Japan, where people take off their shoes inside homes and many bars and restaurants, a shoe maker has created an insole with a mint aroma that covers up the odour of socks and feet.

The insole is fitted inside the shoe, allowing the wearer to pump mint fumes with every step. It has been a hit with businesspeople, said Yukio Aoyama, president of its maker, Tokyo-based S.A.I. International. “Businessmen here tend to wear leather shoes and I think many are bothered by their foot odour,” he said.

Japanese-style restaurants, where customers leave their shoes in lockers by the door, say minty shoes could help business.

“Many female customers wearing boots seem to worry about their foot smell and refuse to take them off,” said Hisako Washio, 59, who runs a restaurant in central Tokyo. “So even when we have empty seats they don’t want to sit.”

A pair of insoles costs about 3,000 yen ($28), and the mint aroma lasts for about six months, Aoyama said. (source)

Remember – the shame of stinky feet can lead to Sepaku!

Praise it

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12 responses to “The Freshening Power of Mint, Part 1

  1. I want that video which that photo is from.

  2. Lol man me too

  3. Anybody can tell what is the website to buy
    this minty insoles?

  4. I like women with stinky feet.
    I love feet !

  5. P.S. wow … very sexy photo!

  6. this mint insole seems interesting but does it really work?

  7. I hate ideas like this. I like the natural odor of women’s feet, and stuff like this just covers it up. That’s like making a perfume to cover pheramones

  8. I love feet smell u

  9. oh my sepaku? that’s extreme.

  10. This product should be banned and prohibited!!!
    Or… Japanese restaurants owners, you should hire me to smell the girls feet before they enter.

  11. To all Japanese girls, I offer my services as your feet sniffer to see if you do need this product or not. However, I need to admit that I’d probably lead this company to bankruptcy !

  12. Bob (Yes, the same bob that posted here in 2008)

    Found the video for you guys –

    That’s the original video that was found in this pic. I first saw the video on youtube before Google owned it. When google took over they removed it and been looking for it ever since!

    So glad to find it, now!

    Enjoy, everyone!

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