A Crappy Cup of Coffee

From Animalcoffee.com

Shitty Coffee“Treat yourself to the worlds finest coffee with kopi luwak from Animalcoffee; the only source on the internet for authentic premium kopi luwak. Kopi luwak is a unique gourmet coffee that is processed in the stomach of a wild animal, after which it is hand collected from the floor of the Sumatran jungle. Annual global supply is estimated to be in the vicinity of six to seven hundred pounds.”

In short, it’s shit.

Praise it

Flush This

4 responses to “A Crappy Cup of Coffee

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  3. there are a lot fake luwak coffee now days..
    so be carefull dont let yourself to be a victim.

    we only sell the original, best and natural civet luwak coffee.

    Our coffee come from natural civet not from pet civet in the cage.


  4. I am going to go ahead and bookmark this post for my sis for the research project for school. This is a pretty web page by the way. Where did you pick up the theme for this webpage?

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