Baked Sheep’s Head

Baked Sheep’s HeadI like lamb (lamb chops, leg of lamb, rack of lamb, etc.) and this particular Icelandic specialty probably doesn’t stink (at least not to an omnivore), but I find it disgusting, so I decided to post it.

I know people who have problems eating meat off the bone, but this is eating meat off the skull. I can’t manage it, Jack. Can’t eat something that’s looking up at me off the plate. This calls to mind the rule of thumb some employ, of not eating anything “with a face.” Pretty much cuts this out.

I have a friend who was an exchange student in Iceland many years ago, and has visited once or twice, since. After one of her visits, she returned with a videotape bearing footage of the “baked sheep’s head experience.” For some reason, this combination of sheep’s head, mashed turnips, and mashed potatoes is sold primarily at the bus station, in a kind of freaky Icelandic variant of the fast-food theme. So, the tape shows her and her party purchasing the goodies, wrapped up in cellophane to go, and then taking it back to the apartment, where one of the guys promptly ate the sheep’s eye, for the camera….

Those Viking-types are still tested-tough.

What could be nicer?

Photos from Alabama Thunderpussy Open Fire

Praise it

Flush This


7 responses to “Baked Sheep’s Head

  1. Dear God that is AWFUL.

  2. I think the chaps in the picture at the top of the screen maybe related to what they are eating!

  3. we watched “jar head” yesterday and were hoping this all ain’t real…
    disgusting, but thanks for the confirmation.

  4. Glad to be of service, nom. Heh.

  5. Well What do you think is in your sausages and burgers. its just your eyes playing tricks with you.

    We ha a bowl of Maggots with chilli cheddar taste a couple of years ago. it was bought in one of Londons finest supermarkets Fortnum and Masons. For the fun of it we tasted them ofcourse, and set the bowl on our coffee table at a Party, so people could have a laugh. SUddenly they where all gone. Noone said they eaten them, until a mom said that 2 years old Emma emptied the bowl. She had no prejudiscm against maggots as she dident know what maggots are. But they tasted great.

  6. In actual fact, here in South Africa people still eat sheeps head, and even pig head.

  7. also came here after having watched jar-city. amazing.

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