Followup: Sardinians Resent Naples’ Garbage

Followup to “Naples Stinks”

Garbage Grates as Sardinians Clash with Police


Police in Sardinia have clashed with islanders angered by the arrival of 500 tonnes of rubbish. A cargo vessel loaded with rancid garbage docked at the port of Cagliari, where protestors were out in force in an attempt to stop the ship unloading. The waste had been shipped from Naples on Italy’s mainland. Refuse collection in Napels ground to a halt before Christmas after tips in area were declared full.

In an attempt to ease the growing public health implications Prime Minister Romano Prodi called on Italy’s regional authorities to accept some of the 140.000 tonnes of rubbish. Sardinia was the first to answer the call.

However, some residents on the island have taken exception to governor Renatu Soro’s decision. Firefighters say they were called out 25 times to put out fires in 48 garbage containers. Critics believe the Campania region’s rubbish problem stems from years of corruption and political cowardice, with local government unable to end Mafia control of the waste industry.

Video: Naples’ Trash Crisis

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