Politics Stinks

Howard Weliver’s “Politics Stink”Paraphrasing a comment I have often made, in other venues, it is my opinion that…

  • The divisive nature of partisan politics…
  • The capitalization of political campaigns beyond any rhyme or reason…
  • The personal power ambitions of those who seek public office…
  • Deliberate, concerted media distortion…

…effectively renders much of the American political process a farce. None of the aforementioned elements can be relied on to generate candidates with characters and value-systems exclusively devoted to fair and moral governance of the body politic, i.e., We The People.

In simpler terms, the American political system is corrupt, the politicians are mealy-mouthed, fork-tongued and two-faced at best, and mentally imbalanced megalomaniacs at worst.

Howard Weliver has pretty much summed it up visually, for me, with his painting, “Politics Stink” (upper right).

Praise it

Flush This


2 responses to “Politics Stinks

  1. In India the president earn Rupees 1lakhs which is equal to a guy from a B school …is this is a justice?

  2. And the Buddha, upon realizing that the ascetic path would lead only to death rather than enlightenment, went down to the river and washed himself. While he was there, a young girl brought him a bowl of rice, of which he ate. And so the Buddha discovered the “Middle Path,” which casts off extremes and seeks moderation, founded upon reason. His hedonistic life as a Shakya prince had been one such extreme, and his life among the ascetics had been the other, opposite extreme.

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