Daisies: Beautiful Toe-Jam Flowers

And particularly “toe-jammie” is the Shasta Daisy, “Alaska” variety, common in flower gardens the world over. This large and lustrous botanical gem was given to us by the pioneer American horticulturist and botanist, Luther Burbank. Read excerpts from Burbank’s short monograph “The Shasta Daisy: How a Troublesome Weed was Remade into a Beautiful Flower”.

That should be “a beautiful, stinky flower.”

Shasta Daisies, Alaska variety

In all fairness, not every variety of Shasta Daisy reeks. There are some of the “Esther Reed” variety growing in my garden, and they don’t have any fragrance at all.

Praise it

Flush This

3 responses to “Daisies: Beautiful Toe-Jam Flowers

  1. Robert Welter

    I have these growing in a flower pot at work. We call them butt daisies. Gorgeous flower, smells like dirty butt. But, I’d love to grow a stinky plant garden in a container. I’d call it my stinkpot. Another great flower for a stinkpot is Cleome, or spider flowers. They smell like skunk. They also look just like a very similar-smelling, illegal herb. Any other candidates for a good stinkpot that would get the neighbors scrunching their noses?

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