From the Alcoholic X-Files: Korean Chinese Mouse Wine

Our intrepid (understatement) reviewer has this to say about Korean Chinese Mice Wine:

Imagine the most bloated display of summertime road kill you’ve ever encountered, and then translate the smell of that dead animal into refreshing liquid form.

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Why do people do things like this?

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13 responses to “From the Alcoholic X-Files: Korean Chinese Mouse Wine

  1. why do they put mice into a cup?

  2. Hello,
    I think that is vary mean to do to mice not only are they killing something but they are risking there on lifes of diseases and germs

  3. hummey so tastey lol jk thats rally nast yo

  4. Sorry to burst ur bubble, Koreans, but there are Mice Wine in Korea too. But it’s in the uncivilized parts of North Korea and some northern parts of S. Korea, so you may not have been aware of it. Just like the Koreans, most of the disgusting foods (including this mice wine) are from the unciivlized western or southern parts of China. Growing up in Shanghai (northeastern China), I’ve never heard of these foods.

    I’ve yet to encounter an Asian culture that doesn’t have at least 5 disgusting foods. So don’t try to make yourself sound better than Chinese because “Koreans don’t eat gross things like that”. Please, cut the crap.

  5. i dont understand how people can do this? It’s just, cat, horse all that. why would you drink wine that mice had been in? why would you treat animals like that? how can people sit there and eat meat that they know has had the shittest life and remotley enjoy it…

  6. woooh that is disgusting

  7. wooh that is really reall disgusting im never drinking chinese wine at all

  8. Its amazing how many of you protest how its mean and disgusting to drink wine with mice in it, but how may of you are actually vegetarian? What about those cows and pigs you eat without a second glance? I’m no vegetarian, but this seems incredibly hipocritical to me…

  9. Wow.
    Why don’t you all just go full blooded vegan – no meat, no dairy, no fish, no eggs, no honey, nothing that was an animal, or was made from animal products and by-products.
    I’m sure it would solve all of your sissy “don’t kill the animals” bull crap. In case you didn’t notice, we’re animals too. Why don’t we try to stop killing each other before we go all out “NO dead animals!” on the authority.

  10. whats the difference for the animal, if its eaten in steaks or sausages or in one piece as these? whats the difference to scorpions / worms / lizards in alcohol? eating pig / fish rather than rat / horse etc. is only custom, insn’t it?

  11. I snuff beef stew.

  12. heres the dirrence of korean and chinese. well i think korean has more circles in the characters

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