A “tonsillolith,” commonly referred to as a “tonsil stone,” is a nodule that forms in back of the mouth, in the fissures of the tonsils. They are believed to be a composite of bacteria, particles of food, and deceased white blood cells. Analysis has disclosed high levels of sulfur, thus they usually have a pungent odor, which has been described by some as “concentrated” or “condensed halitosis.” When crushed, they are said to exude an odor like rotten eggs.


While a definite nuisance, tonsil stones are not known to be medically harmful. As for being socially damaging – well, that’s a whole different ball of…halitosis. I had a professor in college whose breath could be smelled across the room, and there was much discussion among the student body as to what was responsible for his chronic butt-breath. In retrospect, I now wonder if he might have been afflicted with tonsil stones.

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24 responses to “Tonsilloliths

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  2. Great post. Its important people know about Tonsilloliths. People with this bacteria often think its just bad breathe.

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  4. Good post, they do cause awful smelling breath. I found a website that has loads of detail about them and cures/removal techniques etc

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  6. As a response to this, one must consider natural methods are best in curing and removing tonsil stones

  7. “chronic butt-breath” – lol but on a serious note there are ways to stop bad breath, its embarrassing and Ive always had to deal with it and its not much fun at all. To stop my bad breath I just followed the advice on

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